Our Classroom

The Sierra Nevada is the perfect outdoor classroom. Rugged peaks and abundant snowfall offer an exceptional learning experience.


Our Approach

Photo Credit: jjohn littleton

Photo Credit: jjohn littleton

Sierra Alpine Education started as a dream to provide a quality educational experience in a professional and encouraging environment. Our method of instruction utilizes a process based approach to learning-which provides students with hands-on experience, activities and instructional modeling that creates confident decision makers and problem solvers. We believe this approach empowers the student and provides the "mental tool box" that will be used by a confident and skilled backcountry traveller.


 Sierra Alpine Education is not only your source of formal education but also a forum for mountain enthusiast. Trip reports, gear reviews and "nowcasts" can be found on our Blog. We believe that backcountry information is best shared openly. Sharing increases the stoke and ultimately the safety of us all. We encourage contributions from our community.